Where Past Meets Present

2024 Rock County Legacies Honorees

Greg Hughes, EVP, NBC Sports Communications; Founder and owner of Genisa Wine Bar; Gameday Sports Bar & Grill; Bazinga Classic Pub & Grille; Barkley’s Burgers, Brews & Dawgs. Photo credit: Sam Loizzo, Loizzo Photography.

Greg Hughes

A Janesville native, Greg Hughes is the Executive Vice President of NBC Sports Communications, where he oversees all strategic media and public outreach on behalf of NBC Sports. He also manages all internal communications for the company. Greg’s career spans nearly 35 years in sports media, with a portfolio of programming including the NFL, Olympics, Big Ten Conference, Premier League, PGA Tour/President’s Cup, USGA, The Open Championship and Ryder Cup, Triple Crown and Breeder’s Cup horse racing, NASCAR, IndyCar, and much more.

Greg remains deeply dedicated to his Janesville origins, passionately upholding his commitment to the community. He is the founder and principal of four local establishments, including Gameday Sports Bar & Grill; Bazinga Classic Pub & Grille; Barkley’s Burgers, Brews & Dawgs; and Genisa Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar. Each venture reflects Greg’s unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

At the heart of each establishment is a team of devoted individuals, led by a local general manager, working to deliver exceptional food and service to every patron. Through their collective efforts, each business embodies a unique atmosphere and spirit of hospitality.

“Home for me will always be Janesville, and working to make the city a better place for my friends and family there is a point of pride in my life. My friends and partners have worked with me to create and improve the social places in Janesville; hopefully we’ve been successful.”

Tom and Amanda Fong stand inside the iconic Janesville restaurant Cozy Inn for a portrait recently. Cozy Inn marked its 100th year in business in 2022 and is currently the second-oldest U.S Chinese restaurant operating in the same location. Photo credit: Anthony Wahl/The Gazette.

Tom and Amanda Fong

For 49 years, Tom Fong has helped his family run The Cozy Inn in Janesville – the second-oldest U.S. Chinese restaurant, and still operating in its original location. Fong owns the business along with his wife, Amanda, and sister-in-law, Michelle. Amanda is the head of the dining room, while Tom does much of the cooking. They prepare and serve authentic Cantonese-style dishes inspired by the southern part of China. According to Tom, Amanda runs “pretty much everything. This is her passion.”

Opened in 1922 by the Wong family, Fong’s mother, Marie Shum, and his then-stepdad purchased the restaurant in 1975. Tom and his brother, John, began working in the business right away, at ages 14 and 16.

When Tom graduated from high school, he opened a large restaurant in New Orleans and later one in Miami. But in 1989, when his son was born, Tom and Amanda decided to return to Janesville and The Cozy Inn.

Tom attributes the business’s longevity to the unwavering support of the community. Through the pandemic, road reconstructions and many other challenges, Cozy Inn’s loyal customers will not be deterred.

“We have great support. I’ve watched different generations of families come to the restaurant. We feel like the Janesville community is basically family.”