Where Past Meets Present

Katherine McCully

Katherine McCully, 11th Grade

Students at TAGOS Leadership in Academy in Janesville are creating digital journals to document changes in their personal lives, their community, the country and the world relating to COVID-19 – contributing important records during this historic time. View all posts.


As we continue with the trend of madness, my understanding of time has been thrown out the window. One moment it’ll be 2pm and the next its 7pm, and I’m missing dinner. Sleep schedules no longer seem to be a thing of importance (I say as I’m running off of 3 hours of sleep.) Even some of the most unlikely people in my family will be up past midnight laughing and enjoying their time together as if they haven’t seen each other in over 4 years and have limited time together to be reunited.

COVID-19 has kept us cooped up in our house for 7 weeks now, and within these 7 weeks, I have realized how little my family actually gets to see each other. With my dad and 2 of my brothers at work during the week, during different times of the day, 2 of my siblings moved out, and my sister and I having been at school every day, sometimes it truly does feel like a reunion when all of us sit at home with nowhere to go. I have always considered my family to be a handful, but now especially, more than ever. Even though every family has some sort of issues, big or small, my family always helps me find my center, they help me reflect on who I am. I don’t think I would ever trade this time with them for anything else.

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