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Elizabeth McCully

Elizabeth McCully, 10th Grade

Students at TAGOS Leadership in Academy in Janesville are creating digital journals to document changes in their personal lives, their community, the country and the world relating to COVID-19 – contributing important records during this historic time. View all posts.


The longer we stay inside due to COVID-19 and social distancing the more I want to go somewhere. I can go outside and I’ve been walking around town but I can’t go into buildings other than my house. I’m not mad that I can’t go anywhere because I know it’s the least I can do to help stop the spread. Now that it’s been seventy degrees out recently I’ve been outside more and I’m hoping the warm weather will kill the virus. People have deen claiming it will work and I’ve been told that it’s happening in Australia but I’m not sure if I believe it. I’m not sure how long this quarantine will last, I don’t think anyone really is no matter what day they say it will end. Most people are kind of just throwing on their seatbelts and trying to ride it out but no one actually knows how long we’ll be driving.


Nothing huge has changed today, the only slight differences are the weather and my school assignments and, like I said, those differences are slight. The weather has dropped back down to fifty degrees and it’s been raining a lot but the tree in my front yard is starting to bloom really pretty flowers so that’s nice. As the days go on my family keeps having to come up with new ideas to keep ourselves busy. I’m planning on getting back into sewing soon, my little sister wants an Alice in Wonderland dress to wear for Halloween. Her middle name is Alice and she likes to think she was named after Alice in Wonderland and our great-grandmother. I’ve been writing a lot this month, I don’t have a lot to do so I’ve been making myself do things. Quarantine is supposed to end April 30th last I checked but some people are saying it will last until September. I know we’ll all survive if we can manage to put living on hold for a few months but I’m not sure how that’s gonna go.


My brother was temporarily fired due to the virus because the company he worked for couldn’t afford all their employees. Yesterday I found out he had gotten his job back and will be heading back out again sometime this week. Which was pretty good timing because other people in my family are having their pay cut because their companies also can’t afford them. They all have to wear masks to try and protect themselves while they’re working but we all know they don’t do much. My other older brother has been working hesitantly due to the fact that he’s terrified of the coronavirus. He would never admit it, but I know it’s true because it’s one of the only things he talks about, along with his new 3-DS and Monster Hunter. Though the virus has been affecting most people poorly when it comes to their job, it’s actually been helping my mom’s business. She works for an all-natural cleaning supply company that uses products that are approved by the government to use against the virus. I want quarantine to end and I want people to stop getting sick more than anything at the moment. So, I’ll keep hoping and I’ll hold on to the idea that it’s dying down at the moment and we’ll see where it goes.


Last night we were watching recordings of Disney rides on Youtube which, in hindsight, was probably a bad idea. Now everyone is excited about Disney and my brother won’t stop talking about our trip that’s scheduled for the fall. Which, on one hand, is great because now he’s talking about more than just the Coronavirus, but it’s also upsetting because I don’t know if we’ll even be able to go. My sister and mother are saying that they don’t think the virus will affect the trip since it’s in the fall, but I don’t know. The quarantine is supposed to end May 26th but it was also supposed to end April 30th and April 6th, so who’s to say we won’t be stuck till September. Georgia is lifting the lockdown this weekend, I’m hoping that it will work out and the rest of the states will follow, but we’ll see.

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