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Small piano

Artifact #: 1969.152.2 Location: M6-16 2B More information: Schoenhut miniature piano.

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Doll – China Head

Artifact #: 1972.31.4 Location: INV-M-111 More information: China head with blonde hair and blue eyes, c. 1900.

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Doll “Alice”

Artifact #: 1968.133.2 Location: INV-M-111 More information: “Alice” given to Alice Gannott in 1901 when she was about 5 yrs old. Bisque head and arms.

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Janesville Coaster Wagon

Artifact #: 1988.33. Location: MC-10 More information: Received by Richard J. Beck as a prize in 1922 from Wisconsin News Company for a Coloring Contest.

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Model airplanes

Artifact #: 1999.9.5-.6 Location: INV-M-69 More information: Post WWII Model of a silver P38 Mustang

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