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Marlene R

Volunteer Spotlight: Marlene Roessler

Like so many of our volunteers, Marlene has many talents, and is more than happy to share them with RCHS.  Just this spring alone, she has helped welcome over 80 visitors with the Wisconsin Historical Society Board of Curators with a luncheon at the Lincoln-Tallman House, introduced dozens of local school children to the world of Frances Willard and given them a taste of what school was like for children living in Janesville 150 years ago, and helped us to welcome visitors at the Helen Jeffris Wood Museum Center. She is a constant, flexible, and dedicated gem in our collection of volunteers.

From lending a hand at one of our special events to teaching lessons in the Frances Willard School, Marlene has proven time and time again her dedication to RCHS.  We warmly thank her for all of the time and talent that she has so freely given to the Society, and cannot express our gratitude enough for her continued passion and endless cheerful smiles!