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Education Materials

For Teachers

These materials are for teachers and accompany the Tallman’s Technologies tour.

For Students

These materials are for students and accompany the Tallman’s Technologies tour.

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  • Assessment – Janesville Map (WordPDF)
  • Assessment – Learning Log – Sentence Starters (WordPDF)
  • Assessment – Notes & Citation (WordPDF)
  • Assessment – Reflective Paragraph (WordPDF)
  • Assessment – Research Behavior (WordPDF)
  • Assessment – Research Log (Word | PDF)
  • Assessment – Research Reflection Checkpoint (WordPDF)
  • Assessment – Research Success-Help (WordPDF)
  • Assessment – Resource Review (WordPDF)
  • Assessment – Sentence Starters For Your Learning Log (WordPDF)
  • Assessment – Skills Learned (WordPDF)
  • Historical Timeline (WordPDF)
  • Letter Scroll Stationery (WordPDF)
  • Strange Words In History (WordPDF)

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The Rock County Historical Society enriches and engages the communities in Rock County, Wisconsin through preservation and dissemination of the unique history and heritage of our area.


Gathering here today in the Rock River Valley, the Rock County Historical Society (RCHS) acknowledges the Indigenous People whose ancestors thrived for thousands of years in this region. RCHS welcomes all the First Nations as the nations pass along their native language and traditions to younger generations.

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