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Story Squad: Who We Are & What We Do


“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.”

Do you know who said these few words? We’ll give you three hints: He once stayed as a guest at the Tallman house in Janesville, camped out nearby the Rock River during his service in the Blackhawk War, and he delivered an anti-slavery speech in downtown Beloit.

If you guessed President Abraham Lincoln, well done!

Any members of story squad can be seen wearing out History In Focus logo around town

We here at Rock County Historical Society (RCHS) are excited to announce our new platform, History In Focus! What exactly is History in Focus and the point behind its launch? Following Lincoln’s wise words, RCHS aims to pull the community closer together by bonding us through one another’s stories, and learn more about the unique connections the over 160,000 people living here share with one another and the area.

We have multiple channels to gather these stories: our Story Wall Exhibit at our Janesville campus, through our website form, tagging #HistoryInFocus on your Instagram post, as well as our new Story Squad!

The Story Squad, comprised of RCHS staff and local volunteers will begin to disperse themselves throughout the community starting this very weekend. You’ll see us at your favorite restaurants, cafes, marketplaces, special community events, on foot around town, and more! Look out for love-hate themed stories next month!

With this new launch of the RCHS Story Squad, our main mission is to collect your stories and memories. We hope in doing so, that it will let members of the large and diverse area that is Rock County get to know and understand one another better and bring us closer together as a society, building a stronger Rock County.

Story Squad will be utilizing Polaroid’s snap cameras to capture photos to go along with the community’s stories.

If any of what you’ve read about the Story Squad or History in Focus interests you, and you’d like to be able to contribute to its success by becoming a Story Squad member, please reach out to LeeAnn Severson, the volunteer coordinator, at lseverson@rchs.us. All Story Squad members receive full training and are provided with all necessary materials for going out into the community!

Proud to be, Rock County. Where ALL our stories matter! We hope to see you very soon!