Where Past Meets Present

A Full-Day Immersion Experience

School Group Tours

Let your students step back in time at the Frances Willard Schoolhouse and the Lincoln-Tallman House!

Frances Willard Schoolhouse

Frances Willard Schoolhouse

Lincoln Tallman House

Lincoln-Tallman House

Frances Willard

Frances Willard

Hands-On Learning

Your students will step into the lives of real people from the 19th century! What was it like for a student in a one-room schoolhouse? What was it like being an immigrant servant?


Third- and fourth-grade students and teachers. We can accommodate up to 120 students per day. Each tour slot has a maximum of 30 students, plus chaperones. Large groups will be split up with each group alternating between the two tours.


The program targets third- and fourth-grade math, literacy, and social studies state and common core standards.


$8 per student (full day)
$5 per student (half day)

Available dates

Tours offered April – early June. Each tour runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (BYO lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.).


Tim Maahs, RCHS Executive Director
Phone: 608-756-4509 (office)
Email: tmaahs@rchs.us

Online Registration

These immersive, hands-on learning experiences will engage your students from start to finish. Choose the full-day tour that includes the Frances Willard School and the Lincoln-Tallman House tour, or select one of the two experiences. Please indicate your choices below; if you have any questions or would like a hard-copy registration form, contact us at (608) 756-4509.

Before registering, be sure to view the Terms & Conditions.

Please note: This form lets us know you are interested in a tour time and date. Once RCHS staff receives your request they will contact you to confirm the requested date or offer an alternative, provide additional details, and arrange for an invoice to be sent to you or your school district.
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  • We will do our best to accommodate your choice.
  • We will do our best to accommodate your choice.
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Terms & Conditions


RCHS will invoice the contact person on file after the completion of your tour / session. Payment will be expected within 30 days of the invoice date. A $25 late fee will be applied to any invoice not paid within 30 days. Invoices can be paid via cash, check, or credit card.

All payments are nonrefundable, and will be based on the number of guests on your reservation form, not the number of person who attend the tour/session. All changes to diminish your headcount must be made a minimum of 5 business days before your scheduled tour / session date. Additions to your headcount may be made, within reason, but only if space is available, and at an additional charge.

Any questions regarding the payment policy should be directed to Tim Maahs, Executive Director, 608.756.4509 ext. 301 or tmaahs@rchs.us.


Should you need to cancel your trip, you must do so one week before your scheduled tour date. Cancellations or no shows will receive no refund or credit. Cancellations due to weather closures will be refunded.

If your group is going to be late on the day of your visit, please contact RCHS at (608) 756-4509 as soon as possible. Late arrival may result in cancellation of the tour / session and/or activities, without refund, regardless of the reason for the tardiness.

Any questions regarding the cancellation policy should be directed to the Tim Maahs, Executive Director, 608.756.4509 ext. 301 or tmaahs@rchs.us.


All reschedules must be done a minimum of 5 business days before your scheduled tour / session date. Should you need to reschedule within a week of your schedule tour / session date, you will still be charged for your tour, but your payment can be applied to your new date. The reschedule dates will be based on availability. RCHS does not guarantee that there will be a date and time available to accommodate your group for a reschedule.


The Rock County Historical Society requires at least one adult acting as a chaperone for every 10 students in your group. These chaperones can be teachers, aides, and/or parents. Failure to meet the required number of adults by the day of your trip will result in a $10.00 charge for each missing chaperone so we can ask for volunteer assistance.

Chaperones must stay with their students while on campus, and be actively involved in the students’ supervision while on tour or in session. Groups will be held responsible for missing or damaged items, including monetarily.

Students are to remain with their chaperones at all times. Chaperones must remain with their assigned students at all times. Chaperones are 100% responsible for the behavior and well-being of the students in their group.


Our campus is accessible to ADA guests. There is an elevator located in the Helen Jeffris Wood Museum Center. The Lincoln-Tallman House can accommodate ADA guests on the first floor only. The Frances Willard School House can accommodate ADA guests. If you have members of your group with limited mobility who would like to tour the Lincoln-Tallman House, please ask for additional tour options when booking your tour.



Tours start at the front desk of the Helen Jeffris Wood Museum Center, located at 426 N Jackson Street. The Museum Center is a white building with green trim, and is located two doors down to the south of the Lincoln-Tallman House, as you look at it from N Jackson Street. We request that students and chaperones stay on the bus and a designated adult is sent inside to notify the RCHS staff of the group’s arrival. The RCHS staff will then come out and get the students off of the bus to begin their tour / session.


Timely arrivals are essential. Please allow enough travel time to account for weather, traffic, road conditions, etc. If your group is going to arrive later than the scheduled arrival time, please contact RCHS at (608) 756-4509 to inform us. Please be advised that late arrivals may result in the cancellation (see cancellation policy).

Upon arrival, we will request the total students and total adults you have in your group. This is the total number of persons present at the time of your tour/session, and may not relate to the number you submitted with your reservation form. For safety reasons we must know the exact number of people in our buildings on a particular day, thank you for your cooperation.



There is a bus loading zone located in front of the Helen Jeffris Wood Museum & Visitor Center at 426 N Jackson Street for north bound traffic. There is also a bus loading zone located on Mineral Point Avenue on the north side of campus. While you have direct access to our campus, this loading zone does not have direct access to the museum center – you would need to walk across the campus.


There is street parking located on N Jackson Street. We also have a parking lot located off Franklin Street behind the Helen Jeffris Wood Museum & Visitor Center. 



Restrooms with wheelchair accessibility are located at the Helen Jeffris Wood Museum & Visitor Center and the Lincoln-Tallman House, however, there are not restrooms available in the Frances Willard School House.


Helen Jeffris Wood Museum & Visitor Center has a gift shop. Within the gift shop you will find a wide variety of gifts and memorabilia. It is up to each group to decide if they wish to let their students shop the gift shop while on campus.


Your group is welcome to stay on our campus for lunch. We have picnic tables or lawn space available during nice weather. We also have space in the Helen Jeffris Wood Museum & Visitor Center or the Tallman Carriage House in the event of inclement weather. You must notify RCHS in advance if you have plans to eat lunch on our grounds. You must bring your own food, as RCHS has no concessions on campus.