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Monterey Questers

Monterey Questers Fund Lincoln-Tallman House Restoration

The Monterey Questers chapter of Questers International has donated a grant, along with locally raised funds, to fund the restoration of the storm windows and window surrounds on the north façade of the Lincoln-Tallman House. The total cost of the project is $8,700 and will be paid entirely by the Monterey Questers. Work is anticipated to be completed by the end of July 2016.

Monterey Questers has a long history of aiding the restoratiostorm windows progressn and preservation of the Lincoln-Tallman House. As a result of their generosity, improvements have been made to the exterior doors, storm windows, and window surrounds on the west, south, and north facades of the house. In addition, Monterey Questers has also provided over $20,000 for restoration of interior furnishings in the house.

Upon presenting the check to the City of Janesville, Judy Adler of Monterey Questers said,

“As the National Trust for Historic Preservation says: This Place Matters. And we are happy to see that the City of Janesville agrees in its on-going efforts to maintain this local treasure. I would like to thank the City Council for its continued support of the preservation of the Tallman House.”

The Rock County Historical Society would like to thank Monterey Questers and Questers International for their continued support and dedication to the restoration of the Lincoln-Tallman House.